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At some point, every employer will face the need to investigate one or more of its employees. More and more employers are recognizing what an important tool a workplace investigation can be in discovering problems and preventing their reoccurrence. Whether performed internally or externally, addressing matters of workplace misconduct such as, violations of employer policies, ethical violations, fraud, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and violence, job performance, workplace safety and or whistleblowing allegations can be a daunting and very complex on taking. Bill 168 (Ontario) became law in June of 2010 and is the third of its kind in legislation in Canada and is generating pressure for investigations to be managed appropriately by employers.

The main objective of any Workplace Investigation is to provide a sound and factual basis for decisions by management. The investigation should also produce reliable documentation that can be used to support management actions. Finally, an investigation of employees should reveal whether any misconduct has occurred, identify (or exonerate) specific employees who are suspected or guilty of misconduct, and put a stop to further wrongful engagements.

Selecting a competent Investigation Team is critically important. The team has to be credible, regarded as fair and impartial, knowledgeable about company policies, employment law issues and due process related to investigating. Our Investigation Team at Haywood | Hunt & Associates Inc. possess such makings and skills. Our Workplace Investigative Team is comprised of Senior Level Human Resource Professionals, Senior Ex-Law Enforcement Professionals, Ex-Correctional Officers, Criminal Investigators & Security Experts.

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