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Peace of Mind Services

Whether it is infidelity or other integrity breaches our firm has the experience, education, and Investigative | Surveillance skills that is needed to provide you and your family with clarity and answers when you need it most. At Haywood | Hunt | Associates integrity matters. LEARN MORE

Services As Professional As You

The unique approach we apply to each every case file will provide you and your clients with an exceptional investigative solution. Our professional and tactful approach ensures that the utilization of our services will bond a solid lasting partnership with all of our clients. LEARN MORE

Clarity | Precision | Compliance

Our skilled team of investigators have an extensive background providing clarity and assistance to some of Canada`s largest insurance entities. Our firm strongly believes in providing leading edge investigative solutions without compromising integrity. LEARN MORE

Focus | Dedication | Integrity

Our Firm can provide your company with Intelligence that will support the minimization of any losses that internal breaches of integrity may be causing. Allow our team of investigators to provide you with comfort and clarity. LEARN MORE

Advice That Inspires Action

Haywood | Hunt | Associates employs a very diverse team. Each individual is unique and offers insight that provides the appropriate ingredients needed to be a step above others. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer. LEARN MORE

Technical | Specialized | Detailed

Our Surveillance Services Division (SSD) can provide you with the necessary support surrounding your surveillance request(s). Visit our surveillance services page for a specific breakdown of the different surveillance details our firm offers. LEARN  MORE
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