Red Flags Your Partner/Spouse is Possibly Hiding Assets.


• He/She Maintains complete control of bank account information and does not disclose online passwords.
• Becomes very secretive about financial affairs.
• Utilizes a P.O. box or private mail drop box, which receives account statements and bills.
• Removes or a sudden vanishing of personal financial programs, Example- QuickBooks.
• Pleads that the computer containing important financial records has mysteriously “Crashed.” and it’s never to be seen again.
• He/She becomes extremely stern when obtaining signatures on important documents, like tax returns. Insisting that. “I need to get this to our accountant today”.
• Proposes an execution of mutual durable power of attorneys for “Estate Planning” purposes.
• Reports a substantial decrease in value of marital and/or business investments.
• Possess multiple cell phones or numbers over a relatively short period of time.
• Travels frequently to countries with laxed banking laws.
• Makes unusual purchases of items of value like art that could be sold later.
• Begins to utilize credit to draw on large amounts of debt.
• Utilizes narcotics/ drug abuse.
• Begins to Gamble more frequently than usual and is placing money “on account” with casinos.
• Opens multiple business or personal bank accounts without obvious reasons for having that many.

A partner/spouse who hides assets usually has very specific, predictable objectives.

1. Hide, understate, or undervalue certain assets.
2. Overstate debts.
3. Reports lower then actual revenues.
4. Reports higher than actual expenses.

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Red Flags Your Partner/Spouse is Possibly Hiding Assets.
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Red Flags Your Partner/Spouse is Possibly Hiding Assets.
Are you worried that your spouse or partner may be hiding assets from you? If so, read our latest article to learn some of the tell tale signs.