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Private Investigator services by Haywood | Hunt & Associates Inc. are able to provide you or your business with a well tailored, and goal-oriented plan to resolve any suspicious conduct or activities.


Our Private Investigator Service cover an array of issues dealing with Corporate Risk, Internal Compliance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Human Resources. We also can investigate specific cases such as Employee Theft, Undercover Assignments, as well as injured workers who may be falsifying their injury for financial gain.

A key component to the majority of our Private Investigator services is that we provide a face-to face free initial consultation, this allows for all details to be outlined which is important when creating a unique investigation plan. In addition to our consultation, for services such as Human Resources Investigations, our pre-employment screening, background investigation, and promotional screening enables our Private Investigators to seek out possible breaches of integrity of the individual(s). Once combined with our Competitive Intelligence and Surveillance of staff, our investigative services can help to uncover any early signs of possible dishonesty.Learn More.


Private Investigator services are not only limited to businesses, as personal life also can involve questionable activity such as spousal infidelity. Whether it is a cheating spouse, a rebellious youth conducting illegal activities, or any other questionable activity, our Private Investigator services may be able to helps solve the problems.Learn More.

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