• Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc.



At Haywood Hunt, we utilize the full depth of open source digital information, with it’s ever expanding sources, methods and wealth of valuable data. We employ the top recognized & accomplished OSINT investigators in the nation, including senior ex-law enforcement intelligence officials and senior ex-military intelligence experts. 

OSINT or Open Sources for Intelligence is a vast, complex and ever changing network, which involves traditional media, web-based communities and social networks (ie. Facebook, Twitter etc), public data, professional and academic digital sources, geospatial methods and the deep web.

These methods are becoming invaluable to investigators as intelligence analysts are able to uncover information using methods that were once thought impossible.

At Haywood Hunt OSINT is often critical in the collection, collation and analysis of evidence allowing us to offer intelligence that is beyond the scope and capabilities of the vast majority of private investigation agencies. All of our methods are legally sound and we utilize processes that the courts will accept.

  • Online & In Depth Social Media Research
  • Public Database Inquiries
  • Digital Footprint Investigations
  • Fact Finding and Vetting
  • Online Activity Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Accessing Deleted Information
  • Surveillance
  • Location Tracking
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