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    Toronto Private Investigations


Haywood | Hunt & Associates have provided premium full-services investigation services to Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario. Our team of private investigators are trained and equipped to offer you answers and peace of mind. Utilizing a proven array of surveillance tactics and technologies Haywood | Hunt & Associates can offer you investigative services in a number of fields:


The safety and security of your loved ones cannot be tied to chance. Haywood | Hunt & Associates offers you facts and footage to put your mind at ease and offer you options you may not have thought of. Our Individuals & Families program offers a number of services:

Spousal Integrity (Cheating Spouses / Infidelity)
Youth Watch
Senior Care Audit
Missing Persons
Child Custody Investigations
Process Serving
Personal Locates


Trust in a business relationship is key to success. Spanning from your clients/customers to your employees Haywood | Hunt & Associates can provide your corporation with the crucial intelligence to make the right decisions. Our Businesses & Corporations program offers the following services:
Corporate Risk & Internal Compliance
Human Resources Services
Mergers & Acquisitions


These main categories can be further broken down into Employee Theft & Fraud Investigations, Surveillance of key personnel, Competitive Intelligence, Computer Forensics, Undercover Assignments, Pre-employment screening and Background investigations.


Utilizing our investigative strength and expertise can be the greatest support tool for your respected firm. Offering your team with answers to much sought after questions can give the upper hand to your clients. Trust in our surveillance and private investigation services for your next case.


With extensive partnerships, Haywood | Hunt & Associates is experienced and dedicated to your insurance investigations. We pride ourselves on professionalism and the utmost integrity when dealing with a possible case of fraud. Our team of private investigators can provide you with the intelligence needed to make an informed decision.


Our team of licensed private investigators have the experience to create a tailored investigation plan to your needs. Offering support and guidance to your organization can provide you with the best solution.


Surveillance is a key form of investigation offered by Haywood | Hunt & Associates. Surveillance methods of gathering information and detailed observation is crucial to success. It is associated with all of our programs, plans and services for this main reason.

Spousal Integrity | Cheating Spouses
Youth Watch
Senior Care Audit
Other Services

Corporate Risk | Internal Compliance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Human Resources Services

Criminal Law Investigations
Corporate Law Investigations
Civil Law Investigations
Family Law Investigations

Motor Vehicle
Home | Property
Life | Health
Workers Compensation

Mobile | Vehicle Surveillance
Covert Video Surveillance
Foot Surveillance
Eavesdropping Detection | Debugging
Optical Surveillance Detection
Discreet Employee Surveillance