Infidelity Statistics for 2020. Do Women or Men Cheat More?

Finding out that your partner is cheating hurts to the core and it may feel like you’ve got the worse luck in love, but the fact is that, around 25% of those who are married and around 40% of those in other romantic relationships experience at least one incident of cheating. In fact, a survey published in an issue of Marriage and Divorce says that 70% of all Americans get involved in some kind of affair at least once during their marriage. These numbers are no doubt, shocking. What makes them engage in infidelity? Is infidelity the norm these days? Find answers and insights on the latest infidelity statistics shared below.

Infidelity Statistics, Comparing 2018 and 2019

According to statistics for both 2018 and 2019, men are more likely to cheat than women as supported by the data from the recent General Social Survey which says that 13% of women and 20% of men admitted to having sex with someone who is not their spouse while married.  This is not a new finding, as the trend for the past 2 decades says that the total number of cheating has largely remained the same. What’s new, though, is that there has been a 40% increase in the number of women cheating. Male infidelity remains steady and the survey says more men cheat than women. Sexual dissatisfaction is the main reason for cheating in most cases except for those who were cheating online. According to a study by YouGov, apps and online dating has been making it easier for people to cheat. The study adds that men are 3X more likely to use dating sites and apps for casual sex than women and that approximately 1 in every 6 people in dating apps are using the app to cheat on their relationship.

Which Gender Cheats More?

Although men are still cheating more than women, recent data from a survey by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago says that the gender pattern is changing. The younger the respondents are, the higher the percentage of women who have cheated (a difference of 2.9% between women who are 18 to 24 vs women older than 65) and the opposite is true for men.

What Ages Cheat More?

As can be seen above, age is another factor in infidelity. Both men and women experience a surge in infidelity during their middle ages. For men, this peaks between 51 and 59, with 31% saying they have cheated around this age although older than 60 is catching up. For women, older statistics say that they peak at infidelity of 18% between 40 and 49 although now that is shifting to between 50-59. Respondents in their 70’s and 80’s tend to cheat less but the infidelity rate for men is still at 24-26%, 18% higher than the numbers for women.

Are Beliefs and Religion A Factor in Cheating?

It seems that following a faith makes people cheat less. Those who attend church more are less likely to cheat although no specific religion stands out for faithfulness.

Does Family History and Background Play a Role in Cheating?

18% of the respondents who did not grow up with both parents cheated compared to 13% amongst those who grew up with both parents whether the parents are adoptive or biological.

Do Cheaters Tell Their Partner?

According to a survey conducted in Michigan, 52.1% of their respondents who cheated came clean to their partner about their cheating while 47.9% admitted to cheating to a person other than their partner. For those who told their partners, 47.7% told their partner within a week while 26.6% fessed up within a month and 25.7% took 6 months or longer. Of those who told their partner about them cheating, 54.5% broke up immediately and 15.6% are still together.

Are Divorcees More Likely to Cheat?

The Institute of Family Studies says that 40% of those who cheated on their new spouse has been divorced in the past. Only 17% of those who were faithful were separated or divorced. 76% of divorcees who never cheated remarried while 50% of divorcees with a history of cheating remarried. More men than women who cheated remarried again.

How Prevalent is Same-Sex Cheating in Bisexual and Heterosexual Couples?

You might think that this is unlikely to happen but according to the study published in Evolutionary Psychology journal, 2.9% of those who cheated on their partners were attracted to both sexes equally and may have cheated with same-sex partners. Additionally, 33% of male respondents claimed they would tolerate their female partner cheating with another woman while only 22% of women declared the same. When asked if they would prefer that their partner cheat on them with a same-sex partner, 62.2% of women said that they prefer their man to cheat with a woman rather than a man while 76.4% of men said they prefer their woman to cheat on them with another woman.

Is Emotional Infidelity More Common than Sexual Infidelity?

Studies show that emotional infidelity can be as dangerous as sexual infidelity more so now with the prevalence of dating sites and apps. The University of Wisconsin published a study in Evolutionary Psychology that says men and women have different perceptions regarding emotional infidelity and sexual infidelity. More men find sexual infidelity more upsetting than emotional infidelity and the opposite is true for women. With this said, 73% of women and 56% of men said they would be very upset to find out that their partner had an emotional affair with someone else.

Does One-Night-Stands or Long-Term Cheating Happen More?

Short-term affairs and one-night-stands happen a lot more than long-term affairs. Only 10% of affairs last more than 6 months. 25% last less than a week and 65% end in the first 6 months.

Is Cheating Likely to Recur?

Have you wondered if once a cheater is indeed always a cheater? The answer seems to be yes statistically. A study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior says that those who cheated in the past are 3X more likely to cheat again in a future relationship.

Does Online Infidelity Happen More Than Offline Infidelity?

Various studies say that 3% of all cheating women and 8% of all cheating men found their cheating partners online. 90% of those who cheated online started a new affair as soon as their previous online affair is over.

People from What Careers Cheat More?

Women from the medical and education fields tend to cheat more than women in other fields and men from trades and information technology cheat more than men in other fields.

Do People Cheat with Former Lovers?

People tend to cheat on a new relationship when they want to get back to their former partner. Keep in mind that there is no specific study for people who cheat on a current partner with an ex.

Do Business Trips Play a Role in Cheating?

In a Gleeden survey covering 8,000 respondents, 57% of women and 62% of men admitted to having an affair when they are away on business. 53% of the men and 27% of the women said the affair was with a co-worker.

What Are the Main Reasons for Cheating?

44% of men who cheated said they do it because they wanted more sex while 40% of men said they wanted more variety in sex. As for the women, 40% said they cheat out of wanting an emotional connection and 33% said they do it to feel that there are still desirable. Interestingly, 11% of women say they do it as an act of revenge.

Do you want answers to know if your relationship is part of the statistics above? We can help investigate a cheating spouse. Contact us if you’re thinking of hiring a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse today.



When Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Cheating or infidelity in marriage is one of the leading factors for a divorce. It is one of the most damaging acts that can destroy relationships and trust. If a partner suspects that the other is cheating, things can easily go downhill. The relationship can either end abruptly or end later after numerous fights. So, when is a private investigator needed for instances of cheating or infidelity?

Hiring a private investigator can prove that cheating did occur as well as gather evidence that can be used as evidence in court. More importantly, a private investigator can provide clear answers and give peace of mind to a partner suspecting the other of infidelity.

Do You Need to Hire a Private Eye?

Signs of infidelity are hard to dismiss. One can’t just shake off the feeling that his or her partner is cheating. It creates a big problem even when the other party is not cheating at all because suspicion eats away trust.

You can hire a private investigator for legal reasons when you need hard evidence that can prove cheating in court. A professional private eye knows how to gather data in a legally-admissible way. More so, there are instances when proving cheating can have a significant effect on the outcome of divorce such as when there is a prenuptial agreement with an infidelity clause or if you need to prove that a considerable value of your marital assets was spent on the affair.

Personal reasons are also valid motives to hire a professional private investigator. It can be that you simply want answers for peace of mind. It can also be that you feel that you’re being gaslighted and want out on an abusive and manipulative relationship. In some cases, hiring a private investigator is the logical way to go if both sides of the family are against a possible divorce and you have to defend yourself and prove that an affair is going on. In any case, hiring a private investigator can remove doubts and give you back your sanity.

How to Hire a Private Investigator to Investigate Cheating

The first step is to make the decision that you truly are willing to face what the private eye will uncover. There is no turning back once a professional is hired and the answer may not be what you want to hear nor expect.

Next is to contact a private investigator with a long history of client success and talk to them about what you want to get done. Some technicalities may need to be sorted out (such as legal restrictions) but the right private detective or private investigations firm will be clear with you and will be open to discussing your case before proceeding.

To sum it up, look for experience, ask for licensing information, and ask for a consultation. Choose a professional or a firm that is on the side of the truth and professionalism. Stay away from those who offer false promises and exaggerated claims. Remember that whatever information is uncovered can change your life for better or for worse.

Ready to hire a private investigator to catch a cheating partner? Talk to us and we’ll discuss what we can do for you. We can also investigate if your partner is hiding money and help you get child custody.


10 Low Key Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Not all signs of cheating are blatantly obvious. Some signs of cheating are difficult to recognize because there may be times when the suspecting partner may second guess themselves or think that there is no reason for the cheater to cheat because the relationship seems to be going fine. Some see the signs of cheating and just mentally file them under things that are nothing to be concerned about. If you are looking for low key signs that your partner is cheating; signs that you may be dismissing because they are too subtle, then better continue reading below. Here is our list of subtle signs that your partner is cheating according to experienced private investigators.

Changes in the Bedroom Activities

If physical intimacy has waned or increased enough for you to notice it, that can be a sign of an affair. Either your partner has no more energy for you because the sexual needs are being met by someone else or your partner is compensating in the bedroom to hide the affair.

Friends and Family Seem Extra Nice Out of Nowhere

Cheating rarely stays hidden. The first ones to know are oftentimes family members or friends of the cheating partner. As a result, these people may try to compensate for their part in the affair by being overly nice to the other partner and becoming overly involved in the life of the couple to help the cheater hide the cheating.

Changes in Public Display of Affection

Just like changes in the bedroom activities, a cheating partner may distance themselves from you in public because their mind is with someone else or they can seem overly sweet as a compensatory mechanism.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy

If your partner no longer talks to you or you no longer share details of everyday life that you used to enjoy, then the relationship may not be doing well.

Changes in the Schedule

Changes in the schedule can happen with changes in work or stage in life but if your partner is hiding these changes or the reason given does not make sense, then further digging may be needed.

New Outlook in Life

A change in attitude or outlook in life can be a sign that your partner is spending time with someone else who is not a good influence. If this is coupled with not wanting to talk to you about the change, then it could be related to an affair.

Changes in Habits and Behaviour

If your partner has been avoiding you or avoiding talking about certain topics, acting strangely such as texting in the middle of the night, or suddenly dressing up in a different manner, then your partner may be hiding an affair.

Increased Arguments and Blaming

Cheaters lash out when they feel cornered psychologically. They may pick fights for no reason, blow up minor arguments, or accuse you of cheating on them in an attempt to divert attention away from their wrongdoing. This is a form of gaslighting and even when the other party is not cheating, this requires further investigation to be addressed as soon as possible.

Changes in Social Media Usage

If your partner has been interacting more with a specific person, hiding their interactions, and posting more or posting less on social media, then something might be afoot more so when paired with changes in their privacy settings.

Missing Money

Unexplained expenses in the bank records or credit cards, missing money in investment accounts or retirement accounts, or large withdrawals can mean that the money is being funneled to finance an affair. Affairs are expensive but even if they were not, financial dishonesty is not something to be ignored. Seek answers and clarity for your peace of mind.

When you notice the above warning signs of a cheating spouse and you have your own suspicions fueled by your partner’s behaviour that just doesn’t add up, it is best to get a straight answer and enough evidence for your peace of mind. Contact us at Haywood Hunt and ask about our private investigation services for investigating cheating spouses and infidelity. We may not be able to help you save your marriage but we sure can help save your sanity!

How a Private Investigator Can Help in a Divorce Case

Divorce is in one of the most challenging emotional and personal issues that any adult can face. Imagine a situation wherein your former life partner is now a stranger who may be out to get what you have or take away what is rightfully yours. You certainly can use all the help that you can get to get the divorce over with so that you can move on with your life. Question is, can a private investigator help in a divorce case? Would it do you any good to hire a private investigator? The answer is yes! Below are some of the ways that a private investigator can help in a divorce case.

Uncover Information Regarding Support

Some may not want to pay the right amount of child or spousal support and may deliberately try to make his or her earnings look significantly lower than it really is. For those who own businesses, they may take on more debts or delay collecting money owed to their business. For those who are employed, temporarily cutting hours will make it look like he or she is earning a lot less than their regular income. A private investigator can uncover all these tricks and bring the right information to light.

Find Evidence of Adultery or Any Other Misconduct

Although some areas may have laws for no-fault divorce wherein there is no need to present any evidence of misconduct or adultery for a divorce to push through, there are certain proceedings wherein marital misconduct must be proven beyond doubt such as in the case of having an adultery clause under a prenuptial agreement. For such cases, proving marital misconduct or adultery can result in more favourable terms for a spouse. Proving marital misconduct or adultery may also have a huge impact on child custody, spousal support, and other important agreements.

Check on Child Custody Issues

If a spouse suspects that his or her ex is involved in some activities that may harm their child, a private investigator can look into the matter and see if there is any cause for concern. The other spouse may be placed under surveillance to determine if there is child abuse, questionable behaviour, or use of illegal substances. The private investigator may also talk to neighbours and teachers if needed to gather evidence related to possibly changing child custody.

Help Find Hidden Assets

It is not uncommon to hire a private investigator if you suspect that your spouse is hiding money. Some may hide money and other assets while the marriage is still in good terms and some may start doing so just before filing for a divorce. Whatever the situation is, a private investigator can find hidden assets no matter how well they were hidden. For instance, some may hide money by lending it to a friend, some may buy property in a relative’s name, and some may funnel money to an offshore bank account. All of these leave trails that a private investigator can sniff out and bring out to the open.

Do you need to hire a private investigator to trail your cheating spouse, find hidden money, or just get clear answers for your peace of mind? Contact us anytime and we’ll try our best to help you with our private investigation services.




5 Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse You Should Not Ignore

No one wants to be cheated on and for most people, dealing with a cheating spouse is one of the most emotionally painful experiences they could go through. Imagine if you have to live with the uncertainty that your spouse could be cheating on you. It is best to be sure by looking for signs of a cheating spouse and then getting enough proof to give you peace of mind once and for all. Below are some warning signs of a cheating spouse that you should look out for.

Your Spouse Suddenly Wants More Privacy

It is healthy for married people to have interests that they don’t do with their spouse. However, wanting to hide an interest or not wanting the spouse to find out about it is something else. More so when the sudden need for more privacy extends to previously shared things, such as social media passwords and the like. If your partner used to let you use his or her gadgets and you can freely log in to their accounts but they suddenly want privacy now, then keep your eyes peeled for other signs of a cheating spouse. If your partner has always been private, then this could be a non-issue. Watch out too for signs of your spouse hiding money.

Your Spouse Admits to No Longer Being In-Love with You

When a spouse says that the passion is gone, then there is an increased chance that that partner has given up on the relationship and may turn to seek passion somewhere else. This is why a lot of passion-less relationships breed infidelity. When a spouse feels that the marriage is no longer meeting his or her emotional needs, it makes it easier to justify cheating too.

Your Spouse Has Friends That He or She Doesn’t Want to Introduce to You

When this happens, the friend could be someone your spouse is having an affair with, planning to have an affair with, or knows something that your spouse wants to hide from you. There are other possible reasons but hiding other relationships, even only as ‘friends’, is a huge warning sign.

Requesting More Time Alone

While it is normal for someone to have hobbies and interests outside the family sphere, spending an unhealthy amount of time in a new interest could be a sign of a cheating spouse. This is especially true if your partner says the alone time is for sorting out his or her feelings.

Change in Habits and Schedule

Some types of work may become more demanding during certain periods but if the other signs of a cheating spouse are present and your spouse suddenly begins to spend more time at work or have excuses to stay away from home, then you might have a reason to be worried. Another sign is spending too much time on the phone or computer when this wasn’t previously the norm.

When you notice the above warning signs of a cheating spouse and you have your own suspicions fueled by your partner’s behaviour that just doesn’t add up, it is best to get a straight answer and enough evidence for your peace of mind. Contact us at Haywood Hunt and ask about our private investigation services for investigating cheating spouses and infidelity. We may not be able to help you save your marriage but we sure can help save your sanity!


Is the Coronavirus Causing an Increase in Cyber Affairs?

With collective stress levels at an all-time high, is it true that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an increase in cyber affairs aka online affairs? Statistics from the American Psychological Association estimate that around 20% to 40% of couples deal with infidelity in the course of their relationship.

Lockdowns Are Recipe for Affairs?

With most people cooped up at home, it is easy to assume that affairs will be at an all-time low. However, despite not being allowed to be within 6 feet of another person who isn’t from your household, it looks like the famous website for instigating affairs, Ashley Madison, is seeing a huge increase in new sign-ups. New sign-ups typically average at about 15,500 new sign-ups per day prior to the pandemic, but current sign-ups are averaging at 17,000 new accounts a day. A recent Ashley Madison survey shared that 30% of its female users are currently exploring cybersex with their affair partners.

The shift to online affairs is backed by previous polls, with female members citing sexless marriages as their primary reason for wanting an affair. Ashley Madison chief strategy officer Paul Keable says that the current nationwide self-isolation is what is driving the further increase in virtual affairs in order to augment what people are missing physically.

Married People Are Swarming Dating Apps

Anecdotal reports say that those who use regular dating apps are seeing an increase in still-married members. Bumble reported an 84% increase in in-app video chats and voice calls while OkCupid reported a 10% increase in new matches worldwide between March 9 and March 23, 2020 alone. Most of the new heavy app users claim to be non-monogamous.

Ashley Madison seems to corroborate that more non-single people are using online methods to try to cope with the stress of the pandemic, sharing that their members told them they are using the site to release some pressure from being at home.

Why is There an Increase in Affairs?

It seems that some people are struggling with coping with wanting to feel desired, especially that most are cooped up at home with limited outside interaction. Sex therapist and book author Tammy Nelson, PhD, says that it could be that a lot of people want to feel more alive in the face of fear of dying.

Is It Truly Cheating?

Some of those who are engaging in meeting romantic connections online while still in a relationship seems to disagree that they are cheating. An online couple, Rob and Jessica, shares that Jessica is quarantining alone while Rob has a current girlfriend who is an essential health worker. Jessica says they talk often and has had cybersex twice; acts that she counts as cheating and having an emotional affair because Rob has a girlfriend. Rob disagrees and says that it is simply a way for him to have companionship. He further shared that he feels as though he is starving and that he’s only trying to compensate by having a cyber affair with Jessica. Jessica doesn’t see them communicating further after the pandemic. Stating that she feels used and she wants something serious.

Dr. Nelson stated that cyber affairs may help people find balance in their lives at present time, adding that the increasing trend may continue well after the pandemic even for couples who still love each other.

Are you suspecting that your partner may be having an online affair? Our private investigation services can help you deal with a cheating partner. Contact us today and let our private investigators discuss with you the many ways we can be of assistance especially with internet dating investigations.


Where to Find Assets in Public Records?

Finding assets is not as easy as simply looking up a person’s bank details. There are so many different types of assets and not all are fluid money sitting in one’s bank account. What you typically need is an individual’s financial records, but then, a look would require a court order or authorization and may not even provide complete details as some people hide their assets for various reasons. Fortunately, some assets can be found by looking at public records. Below are the best types of public records to look at if you want to find assets.

Divorce Proceedings

Although not all places make divorce proceedings publicly available, there is a wealth of information to be had from those that allow it. You can look up priceless collections aside from bank details, retirement funds, and the like.

Small Business Retirement Funds

Small business owners have a habit of stashing some of their assets in the company’s retirement plan. You can access the data because these companies usually file an annual form with government agencies.

Real Property Records

Records of real property will usually let you know where a person lives as well as other properties the person may have, even if its on the middle of nowhere!

Probate Filings

Assets in the form of inheritance from relatives can be found in local probate filings.

Motor Vehicle Registrations

Motor vehicle registrations can uncover a collection of expensive vehicles as well as let you know what vehicle the person may use on a day to day basis.

Nonprofit Entities

Believe it or not, some crafty individuals use nonprofit organizations to divert funds or to get money via false expense payments and blown up salaries. If someone is employed by a nonprofit, that will be a good starting point to look for assets.

Watercraft Registrations and Aircraft Registrations

Both are required to be registered by law. You can look up the information you need by searching for the company’s name or individual’s name under registrations.

Corporate Filings

Owning a limited liability or limited partnership company as well as involvement in a corporation are ways that some individuals use to hide assets. They use the company name instead of their name when registering property.

Patents and Trademarks

Patents and trademarks can be worth millions. Some people do not register a business or company under their name so looking at patents and trademarks used for that person’s business can point you to the right direction.

Civil Litigation

Records of civil litigation can let you know about business settlements, stock holdings through details in a class-action lawsuit, and many more!

SEC Filings

Do you know that publicly traded companies are required by the law to make certain disclosures that private companies can get away from? You can find out about compensation agreements, stock holdings, stock options, and independent contractor agreements from SEC filings.

Do you need help finding assets for a court proceeding? Let us do the research for you! Our private investigation services will deliver what you need! Contact us today!


Hiring a Private Investigator for a Child Custody Case

Child custody cases involve a lot of accusations from both sides. It is unavoidable for people to get emotional and for important details to get murky. It is best to find people who can sift through the available information and present facts that can help tilt the outcome to a favourable decision for you.

Investigations for Child Custody

Investigations for child custody involves an examination of a child’s treatment and well-being objectively. The job of the private investigator is to assess how the parents are treating the child and present the information via reporting to the court.

Private investigators can do a lot of things during the course of a child custody investigation. There may be a need for surveillance to truly find out how the parents are treating the child. The private investigator will note possible instances of neglect or abuse by taking pictures or videos and documenting everything. A private investigator’s surveillance report may include examples of negative parenting behaviour such as criminal activity, reckless driving, drug abuse, gambling, and a lot more. Other notable activities may be included, especially those that can give a picture of the parent not providing food, basic necessities, or a safe living environment for the child.

Child Custody – What It Is and What It Isn’t

There are different types of child custody. It is important that the party who hired the private investigator to understand this. Below are further information:

  • Physical custody refers to with whom the child will live, this can either be joint custody or sole custody.
  • Legal custody refers to which parent has a say for legal decisions for the child, this can also e joint custody or sole custody.

Private Investigators in Child Custody

Private investigators can help a lot with investigations for child custody. They can interview witnesses such as counselors, family friends, teachers, and neighbours to gather data about a child’s life. They can search for hidden assets more so if a parent is suspected of shirking financial responsibilities towards a child. In some cases, a private investigator can gather needed evidence to prove something or find out something. Evidence can be in the form of proof of neglect, alcohol abuse, or placing the child in a dangerous environment. Background checks is another task that a private investigator can help with for child custody. The private investigator can look into a parent’s background as well as the background of the people one parent may have around the child.

Why Hire a PI for Child Custody?

It is clear from the above that hiring a private investigator can help a lot for child custody cases more so if you are concerned about a child’s safety. A private investigator can gather the information you need in a legal manner,  a way that is admissible as objective evidence in court. On the other hand, if you’ve been falsely accused of abusing or harming your child, a private investigator can help you gather evidence to prove the falsity of such accusations and get your life back.

Need a private investigator to help you with a child custody case? Contact us at Haywood Hunt & Associates to avail of our private investigation services. Your initial consultation is on us!

Modern Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating

It may be difficult to find out whether one’s partner is cheating or not these days. People work and interact daily as needed in their jobs or just getting on in life. How do you know if your partner is just a bit too friendly or if there is indeed something to worry about? Below are some modern cheating signs to look out for.

Noticeable Changes in the Car

Belongings that shouldn’t be in the car (like blankets, someone else’s hair ties or other personal items) may be a sign that someone else is using the car besides you and your partner. Extra mileage may also mean more trips or stops to places that are not in your usual route.

Sudden Protectiveness Over Phone or Computer

Some people are just more private but if this something new for your partner, then this is a red flag. Cheaters can also become adept in technology quite quickly and it doesn’t help that some apps are designed to make cheating easier (such as those that create hidden folders in a phone). There are apps that offer encrypted messaging, apps that automatically delete messages, and more. Secretiveness and new apps can mean your partner is up to something.

Changes in Habits, Interests, and Vocabulary

A new taste in music, new manner of speaking, and a sudden interest in new hobbies may be signs that your significant other is getting influenced by spending a lot of time with someone else.

Unexplained Money Movement

Expenses coming out of the blue such as lots of unexplained cash withdrawals, new bank accounts or credit cards, gas fill-ups in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, and working longer hours can all mean that your partner may be having an affair.

Differences in Your Relationship

If the connection and communication you have with your partner is no longer how it used to be, like you touch less often, don’t talk to each other as much, or don’t spend time together like you used to, then there might be problems indeed. Although it is normal for these changes to occur in the course of the relationship, marked decreases is a red flag.

Makeover Madness

Wanting to improve one’s self is not always an indicator of cheating but if your partner is spending a lot of money on new clothes, gym memberships, and self-improvement yet not wanting to spend time or be seen with you, then your partner may be doing it for someone else.

Shutting You Down Digitally

Cheaters often disconnect with their partners in terms of intimacy and communications but in modern times, they also ghost or shut down their partners digitally. If you are no longer getting updates from partner’s profile or he or she posts less often, it could be that you’ve been listed under those with limited access in his or her’s privacy settings.

All of the above signs of cheating should be taken with a grain of salt. Trust your instincts and how you feel. If you think that you may have a reason to suspect, hiring a private investigator to get answers is not a bad idea. You can’t buy happiness but you can pay for peace of mind. Contact us at Haywood Hunt and avail of our personal investigation services to find out the truth whether your partner is cheating or not.

Catch a Cheating Spouse with These Private Investigator Tactics


Handling the situation yourself when you suspect that your spouse might be cheating on you can make you do things which you might regret later on. Wouldn’t it be better to confirm your suspicions first and gather all the evidence you can before talking to your significant other?

Sometimes, there is a feeling that tells you something is off when your spouse is cheating. It could be sensing that something has changed or just a feeling that you cannot explain. In this article, we’ll share with you some tell-tale signs that can help you zoom in on your suspicions.

Developing Certain Habits and Becoming Secretive

An increase in secrecy surely means something is going on. Here are some sneaky clues that may mean your spouse is cheating on you.

  • Starts wearing a new fragrance or begins smelling different.
  • Gets a new phone or a second phone for no reason.
  • Have new numbers on the contacts list with vague names.
  • Starts having odd voicemails.
  • Dresses in a very different manner.
  • Begins deleting messages or has a new password or phone look and won’t tell you about it.
  • Goes away when answering the phone or does not want you to answer it.

Financial Signs

Having an affair isn’t cheap, and this is often reflected in phone and bank records. Financial clues that your spouse may have someone else on the side are:

  • Unexplained receipts to restaurants and other places
  • Unexplained travel, gas bills, and accommodations
  • withdrawing more cash than usual
  • increased charges on credit and debit cards
  • longer duration calls resulting to higher phone bill charges.

Behavioural Signs of Cheating

Cheating spouses are usually found out through their changes in behavior. Clues can include:

  • Seemingly distracted more than the usual. This is because a cheating spouse is focused on his or her lover and can be thinking about the third party for a significant portion of their day.
  • Not interested in sex. Cheating spouses are getting sex elsewhere so it is natural for them not to be interested in getting intimate with their significant other.
  • Not wanting to be with the significant other for important events. If your spouse used to bring you to company functions and suddenly wants to be alone, there is definitely something going on that needs to be uncovered.
  • Always asking when will you be home. Because a cheating spouse does not want to be found out, he/she will always ask when the significant other will be around so a meeting with the lover can be arranged when the significant other is away.

Of course, there are more signs that a husband or wife might be cheating. There are also many ways that a cheating spouse can be found out with the proper tools and skills. In fact, modern GPS and tracking can uncover the truth and help you get to the bottom of things if used correctly.

Because dealing with a cheating spouse can be emotionally draining, it will be better to let a professional private investigator uncover the truth. This way, any evidence gathered will not be clouded by jealousy and other emotions. If you need the help of a Toronto private investigator to do this for you, feel free to contact us at Haywood Hunt.