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Immigration Phone Call Scam and CRA Scam on the Rise

It seems that despite operations to aggressively address the immigration scam and CRA scam that are victimizing Canadians, prevalence continues to rise up in numbers.

More than $90M was Lost by Canadians to the Top 10 Scams of 2016

Scams can target anyone anywhere, but they are more concerning when reports give us figures that expose the true prevalence of it close to home. The Better Business Bureau’s latest list of the top 10 scams in Canada revealed that we’ve lost more than $90 to the top 10 scams of 2016.

Discovery of Secret 1.25M Staff Fund Prompts Brampton Police Investigation

Brampton’s audit committee was recently made aware of a million dollar secretive fund via report. Police are being asked to investigate following the discovery of a secret $1.25M staff fund that was given to non-union staff without the council’s knowledge. Brampton councilor John Sprovieri leads the demand for a policed investigation.

Project Royal Fraud Ring Compromised Information of Torontonians

Thousands of Toronto residents’ sensitive data have been compromised by Project Royal Fraud Ring. The extent of the compromise was discovered when police seized hundreds of pieces of mail, several notebooks containing the personal data of an estimated 5,000 GTA residents, and numerous credit cards.

Police Warn of Scam That’s Targeting a Specific Community in Mississauga

It’s one thing to be targeted by scams as a business, but it just hits too close to home when your community is the scam’s target. Peel police have been alerted of such a scam that has been targeting a specific community in Mississauga.

Moving Companies Investigated for Fraud by Toronto Police

Anyone who has moved houses can attest as to how stressful a move can be. There’s always the chance of forgetting some valuable items, bills to settle, packing, unpacking, and getting used to your new neighbourhood. Being extorted by the moving company you hired to make your life easier certainly isn’t one of the stresses you’re expecting to handle when you make your move!

Ontario Investors Lost $1B in Syndicated Mortgages According to Toronto Lawyer

David Franklin, a real estate lawyer from Toronto believes that Ontario investors have lost more than $1B of their investment money in syndicated mortgages. A CBC news report recently shared that 120 Chinese investors in the GTA stand to lose about $9M in investments like these and David Franklin adds that this news is just a small fraction of what’s going on.

Toronto 'Psychic' Who Extorted $100K Charged With Witchcraft

Murali Muthyalu was recently arrested and was charged with fraud over $5,000, extortion, and pretending to practice witchcraft after authorities identified him as the person responsible for defrauding a Brampton man out of more than $100,000.

Police Charge Former Halton Public Works Manager with Fraud

Fraud can’t be fully avoided and that’s nothing but the truth in the case of a former public works manager for the Halton Region, his wife, and a contractor they’ve been working with. The trio has been charged with fraud due to allegedly being involved with a scheme for money laundering done through municipal contracts.