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2017 Round Up of Fraud in Canada

Although Canada has quite a positive image compared to nearby countries south of the border, it still got infiltrated by not so good entities and those who have less than honourable intentions as evidenced by numerous fraud articles we featured the past year.

Toronto Man Earns 5 Years in Prison for Claiming $1M in Fraudulent Tax Refunds

A man from Toronto was recently sentenced to a 5-year prison stay for claiming about $1 million in fake tax refunds. According from the CRA, Toronto resident Alexander Wiafe filed 8 quarterly GST/HST returns and claimed refunds for expenses that were fraudulent or fictitious. He fraudulently claimed almost $1 million worth of Goods and Services Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax refunds for about a year.

Ontario to Open a Serious Fraud Office to Combat Auto Insurance Fraud

Spring 2018 will bring in some changes with how auto insurance fraud cases are handled, starting with the slated opening of a dedicated Serious Fraud Office. The new government office will focus on protecting accident victims and cracking down on auto insurance fraud offenders.

Auto Insurance System Reform Being Pushed by Ontario to Slash Rates and Fight Fraud

Ontario is looking into ways to push for changes in the auto insurance industry to help try to combat fraud and eventually reduce premiums. This is in view of the reported cost of auto insurance fraud totaling to an estimated $1.6 billion a year as shared by Finance Minister Charles Sousa. He said it is now time to put a stop to the fraud, a move that may create new challenges for real crash victims.

Mandarin speakers in the GTA Targeted for New Fraud Scam Warns Police

Investigators are warning Mandarin speakers in the GTA that they’re being targeted for a scam by fraudsters pretending to be Chinese authorities. The scammers typically accuse their victims of money laundering, as shared by the police.

Fraudulent CRA Phishing Scams Now Used for Identity Theft

Thousands of Canadians have fallen victim to scammers who pretend that they are from the CRA. Unsuspecting victims are usually contacted with threatening texts, emails, or calls telling them that a recent audit has uncovered that they owe a substantial amount to the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA has been used as a front by fraudsters in the past as well.

Increase of Bitcoin Scam Victims in York Region Reported

Police are sounding the alarm due to the increase of cases of Bitcoin fraud lately, more so that recovering any money or tracking it down is nearly impossible because cash becomes untraceable when it is converted into the cryptocurrency.

Lest We Forget

In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses,…

$400,000 Fraud Investigation in Toronto Identifies Suspects

Toronto police are still investigating a $400,000 fraud and were able to retrieve security camera images of the suspects. They are currently asking for the public’s help for these suspects to be identified.