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Are We in A Culture of Occupational Fraud Risk?

Haven’t you wondered why cases of occupational fraud seems to be on the rise these days? What changed and how will this change affect the future of today’s organizations?

Must Have Components of a Fraud Risk Prevention Program

What are the must haves of a sound fraud risk prevention program? This question is often asked from us by our clients and small wonder why. Every organization needs one!

Fraud Investigations and Seeing the Bigger Picture

With our years of experience in investigating cases of occupational fraud, we’ve proven that it is often the case that a suspected perpetrator of fraud is indeed guilty. After all, there won’t be any smoke if there isn’t fire, right?

Understanding Why Fraud Occurs - The Fraud Triangle

It is often a baffling question how fraud can happen in your organization; and if you’re asking this question, you’re one of the thousands of executives, managers, and business owners who want to find out how and why fraud happens. So how does fraud happen? What contributes to it? What are the signs it could be happening in your organization?

Lessons in Fraud Prevention and Occupational Fraud

We’ve been talking about occupational fraud, its detection, and prevention for the past few blogs, but not everyone may be aware what the term means and how their organization is vulnerable to it.

Must Haves of an Effective Whistle-Blower Program

What makes an effective whistle-blower program effective? How does it help with curtailing organizational fraud? Are you aware that more than 40% of all cases of fraud has been detected with a tip from a whistle-blower?

Think Fraud Can’t Happen To You?

Most managers and business owners think that their company or organization is immune to fraud, and they can’t be more wrong! Read more to learn why.

Risk Management Solutions You Should Be Doing

A lot of business owners tend to not have a clue about minimizing the possibility of fraud within their company or organization. That’s too bad, but we’re telling you that it’s time to make a change about that and it can be easy!

9 Red Flags of Fraud in Small Business

If you own a small business, these quick tips might help you weed out any instances of fraud.