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Managing Your Fraud Risk in 2016

The ACFE’s 2014 Report to the Nations shows that 58% of organizations that has been victimized by fraud never got to recover their losses. Think about that and you’ll soon see how important it is to exercise due caution by making sure that you mitigate your fraud risk as much as you can.

15 Common Business Scam Tactics and How to Avoid Them

Scams that are aimed at businesses and other business-like organizations often work because the perpetrators come off as real, legitimate, and professional businesses. Their tactics often seem credible and uses practices that are typical of normal reputable businesses; so knowing if you’re possibly dealing with a scammer or a real business can be very tricky.

Fraud Awareness for Commercial Targets: Types of Business Scams

Businesses have always been a target of fraudsters, and that’s precisely why businesses should be made aware of the possible scams that they may fall victim to. Frauds that target businesses can end up costing millions of dollars annually, and your company may already be a victim without you knowing it.

15 Scams to Watch Out For in the New Year

With the holidays and the New Year coming up, scams will once again be at an all-time high. It does seem that fraudsters have a passion for being the Grinch during around the holidays as compared to some other season of the year.

5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud

Produced by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the following video outlines 5 important steps you should take to avoid small business fraud.

Why You Need a New Approach for Effective Data Risk Management

Advancements and changes means facing new challenges, and that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage in today’s business scenario. Digitization of nearly everything means that the people-centric approach used in years gone by is no longer effective for protecting data and minimizing the risks that comes with data management.

3 Safeguards for Fraud Prevention

With how things are these days and companies being more focused on surviving the current economic crisis rather than working on growth, it is quite easy to forgo having a sound fraud risk management system. Truth is, it is now more than ever that a small fraud can cause an already fragile business to fail. With stakes that high, no company can afford to ignore loses.


Fraud is a year-round threat, but it is especially prevalent around the holidays. With people often very busy and pre-occupied with a million things, fraudsters will exploit every avenue they can; hence, it surely pays to be vigilant at all times.

Insurance Fraud Prevention Tips and Tricks

Although only a very small percentage of individuals commit insurance fraud in Canada, it does affect everyone, whether you may be aware of it or not.