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16 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft Online

Phishing scams and Pharming scams abound, and now is the time, more than ever to actively avoid attempts at online identity theft by arming yourself with knowledge to combat online fraud. We’ve compiled some tips to avoid identity theft online below for you.

Intro to Account Takeover Attacks

Organized crime has taken over the internet in recent years. Any web-based account that deals with finances, gaming, retail and other consumer-facing services are under threat of attack from bot armies that are used by unscrupulous individuals.

12 WSIB Red Flags to Watch Out For

Not all claims made to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board are legitimate, some have a marked presence of questionable signs that employers must watch out for. Fraudulent claims are often ripe with questionable signs that can be easily distinguished. This is not to say that seeing a few questionable signs is a fool-proof indication of fraud, but an alert of the possibility of fraud won’t hurt anyone.

3 Questions All Background Checks Should Answer

Background checks come in various forms and for different reasons. Ideally, background checks are done for new hires but it can also be performed for individuals who arouse your suspicion for any number of reasons.

Hot Tips for Preventing Data Theft

In this information age, your data is worth its bytes in gold. In a 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2015 is $3.8 million! That’s a 23% increase over the results of the 2013 study and shows just how important it is more than ever to protect your data from thieves and criminals.

Short-Term Rental Scam on the Rise?

Online home-sharing portals are changing the way people travel and find accommodations and with that change, is the increasing number of fraudsters who victimize people opting for hotel alternatives.

5 Ways to Minimize Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

As an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for your employees – that’s something that you can only do when you’re aware of incidents and promptly act on them.

March is Fraud Prevention Month!

Fraud and scams are everywhere. Just these past 3 months, Canadians has been continuously warned by RCMP about telephone scams involving the Immigration departments and Revenue Canada that has been extorting money from residents.

10 Modern Tips to Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is becoming increasingly precious these days. It is now often too easy to look up someone and have access to their important data just by using certain websites. Some companies even claim that they’ve got access to your income, address, family, phone number and more for a fee. Though it is true that not everyone who wants your details are bad guys, is that something you’d want to risk?