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Mississauga Business Owner Facing Serious Charges Regarding TTC Fraud Case

A business owner from Mississauga is currently facing serious charges regarding a benefit fraud case that targeted the Toronto Transit Commission and Manulife. Most of us would trust someone who owns a legitimate business not to do anything that can jeopardize the said business, but this doesn’t seem to be applicable to one Mississauga business owner.

Chinese Community in GTA Targeted by an Immigration Scam Says Peel Police

Police are warning the Chinese community in GTA that a scam is targeting members of their community. The scam, which the police say is too good to be true, promises Chinese people via an ad in local Chinese newspapers that their company can help secure travel documents going to Canada from China. The fraudulent company is called Gao Sheng Investment Corporation.

Discovery of Secret 1.25M Staff Fund Prompts Brampton Police Investigation

Brampton’s audit committee was recently made aware of a million dollar secretive fund via report. Police are being asked to investigate following the discovery of a secret $1.25M staff fund that was given to non-union staff without the council’s knowledge. Brampton councilor John Sprovieri leads the demand for a policed investigation.

Project Royal Fraud Ring Compromised Information of Torontonians

Thousands of Toronto residents’ sensitive data have been compromised by Project Royal Fraud Ring. The extent of the compromise was discovered when police seized hundreds of pieces of mail, several notebooks containing the personal data of an estimated 5,000 GTA residents, and numerous credit cards.

Moving Companies Investigated for Fraud by Toronto Police

Anyone who has moved houses can attest as to how stressful a move can be. There’s always the chance of forgetting some valuable items, bills to settle, packing, unpacking, and getting used to your new neighbourhood. Being extorted by the moving company you hired to make your life easier certainly isn’t one of the stresses you’re expecting to handle when you make your move!

Ontario Investors Lost $1B in Syndicated Mortgages According to Toronto Lawyer

David Franklin, a real estate lawyer from Toronto believes that Ontario investors have lost more than $1B of their investment money in syndicated mortgages. A CBC news report recently shared that 120 Chinese investors in the GTA stand to lose about $9M in investments like these and David Franklin adds that this news is just a small fraction of what’s going on.